Commercial Demolition


Commercial demolition involves bringing down or razing commercial structures such as hospitals, malls, and hotels and usually to build a new structure. The demolition itself entails tearing down a structure. The site is of the structure is cleared after. The debris and hazardous material are properly disposed of and recycled as appropriate. Demolition can also be interior for interior reconstruction. It involves the tearing down of walls and carpets. Demolition is not always total; partial demolition is done when only a part of the building is removed.

Demolition process

The demolition process involves detailed and proper planning. You have to consider every factor; every step must be taken for the safety of the workers and the neighborhood. The following is always considered for demolition to occur.

  • The materials with which the structure to be destroyed is made of is checked out. Any desired material is considered for demolition is checked out.
  • The building is cleared, after which safety risks are assessed.
  • Toxic materials and noted and planned for.
  • The demolition method is chosen depending on the structure, which can be deconstruction, implosion, or mechanical demolition.
  • The safety of all personnel is assessed. Both the workers and the people living in the environment are considered. The building is sealed and marked as an exclusion zone.
  • The structure is demolished.
  • The land is cleared. Materials such as metals, wirings, concretes, salvageable roofing materials are salvaged and recycled. Hazardous materials especially lead and asbestos, are disposed of properly

Demolition and deconstruction

Deconstruction differs majorly from demolition in terms of salvageable materials. With deconstruction, materials are removed carefully for them to be recycled and reused. It is an inside-out process. Demolition, on the other hand, brings about the destruction of materials. It does not mean that there will be no salvageable materials, but it is lower than that of deconstruction. Materials removed during deconstruction require less work for recycling and reuse, unlike that of demolitions.

Finding a good commercial demolition contractor

What are the things you should look out for in an excellent commercial demolition contractor? One of the vital ones is experience. Experience is crucial. It would help if you asked for previous projects the contractor has assumed. There are commercial real estate experts that have been involved with demolition contractors who can also offer you guidance and recommend one for you.

Reviews are also good sources of information about a contractor. Reviewers will give you information that might be missing and crucial in helping you make your choice. Never be too hasty to choose a demolition contractor, especially when safety and sensitive measures are concerned. Expertise is important. Demolition can be dangerous when undertaken by unskilled personnel and can lead to loss of life and property. Always find the right team for your demolition who will abide by the safety regulations. Here, at Houston Demolition Solutions, you can rest assured of these points.


Permits must be sought and gotten before any demolition project can commence. The costs of permits vary from city to city. You should budget between $200 and $10,000 for a permit. You might wonder why the high side is that high. Some cities do not support demolishing the buildings. Such cities promote remodeling and reuse and hence, charge for permits.

The cost of demolition

The average cost of demolition ranges from $4 to $8 per square foot. The cost also varies according to region. Many other factors affect the price, such as the building size. The price tends to reduce per square foot with an increase in the building size. If you want to salvage materials, the price will increase. The timeline also affects the cost of demolition.

Estimating the cost of a commercial demolition

While cost varies from state to state, three things will always be the cornerstone of your demolition project. They are the square footage of the structure, the presence of asbestos, and the cost of getting the permit.

The square footage

When you have a contractor, ask for the price per square footage and use that to multiply the square footage of your structure or building. Negotiate well and keep in mind that the larger the building, the lower the price per square foot. The price range should still be in the limit of $4 to $8 per square foot. You can base your negotiation after getting the total cost.

Presence of asbestos

Asbestos is a hazard. Its presence means more cost than other demolitions devoid of asbestos. Check for asbestos in your building. It is usually present in old buildings as it was used for insulation and fireproof. Asbestos poses a health challenge to the community when inhaled. It requires safe removal from the property and leads to extra cost, which can amount to $2 to $3 per square foot.

Learn if your building or structure has other hazardous materials that need safe handling and safe disposal. Hazardous materials greatly influence the cost of a commercial demolition process, so be ready to pay more.

Permit cost

Before you can embark on any demolition project, the city must see to it. You have to get your permit and pay the necessary fee. Since the price varies, search online or visit the necessary office to know how much you will be charged. When planning the demolition, don’t be in haste. Be sure you have your permit in hand before you commence any demolition project to risk some unwanted litigations and sanctions.


Accidents can occur, which is why they are accidents. It would help if you were not bearing the cost of an accident that occurs during a demolition process. Ask your contractor about liability insurance. It should be part of the quote you are getting from the contractor. Demolition contractors should have the proper insurance and be well-equipped with it in case an accident occurs.

Bottom line

Houston Demolition Solutions offer you their services. Based here in Houston, Texas, we offer demolition services in our locality and the surrounding areas. We have a good track record, with experienced and skilled personnel. We offer good prices, demolish structures well without hassle, clear the site and dispose of the debris appropriately.